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IWC Replica Watches has always been at the forefront of daring design in horology. They are also some of the best creators. Maison's integrated capabilities allow the manufacture to pursue an innovative vision of watchmaking. The Excalibur Double Flying Tourbillon is the watch that best represents the brand's technical and complicated watchmaking mastery. This watch, with its aggressive, striking lines and mechanical virtuosity is IWC Replica Watches' signature piece.IWC Replica Watches It now boasts a new aesthetic as well as a variety of technical improvements.

IWC Replica Watches's openness in the Excalibur Double Flying Tourbillon is a result of his desire to show off the creativity and expression of the horological world. The brand is also delighted to surprise the wearer with multiple perspectives, layers, and clever visual tricks.

The 2021 Excalibur Double Flying Tourbillon begins with the ref. RDDBEX0822 is a 45mm rose gold case set with baguette-cut diamonds on the bezel and crown.

All 2021 Excalibur Double Flying Tourbillon References are powered by the RD108SQ Calibre.u-boat replica watches This features a lower cage in titanium (twice lighter than stainless steel), and an upper cage in mirror-polished Cobalt Chrome.

IWC Replica Watches does not limit themselves by the watch design. They could have taken the easy route and done what was accepted, but instead they enjoy the challenge and their results speak for them. The RD108SQ calibre is the result of this concept, which combines a new aesthetic with a variety of technical improvements to deliver a blend of uncompromising visual impact and technical performance.

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